September 25, 2019

If you’ve ever tried to take a shower while standing in a tub full of dirty water, you know the appeal of chemical drain cleaners. Cheap, easy-to-use and oh-so-effective, these store-bought cleaners seem like a saving grace for households plagued by the occasional clogged drain. But are these cleaners really safe for your plumbing? Might you be causing more harm than good when you pour these chemicals down your drain? While they may be convenient, according to experts, chemical drain cleaners are not something that belongs in your pipes. Here’s why:

Chemical Cleaners Are Caustic

Chemical drain cleaners are highly caustic, meaning they can easily break down any material they come into contact with. When you introduce these ingredients into your plumbing system, blockages aren’t the only things that will break down. Older pipes are especially susceptible to the corrosive nature of chemical drain cleaners, and as such, can quickly deteriorate with repeated exposure. Even worse, if the cleaner fails to clear the blockage, these corrosive chemicals can sit in your pipes for hours, potentially causing serious damage.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Generate Heat

In some chemical drain cleaners, the primary mechanism of action is heating. This heat results from a series of chemical reactions that occur within your pipes, and as it builds to boiling temperature, the heat essentially works to burn away blockages and buildup. However, excessive heat is also very damaging to your plumbing as it can eat away at the adhesive material within your pipes. As this adhesive slowly deteriorates with repeated use, you may find that you develop potentially damaging leaks in your plumbing system.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Promote Bad Habits

If your home has seemingly ever-clogged drains, chances are you’ve turned to the drain cleaner aisle at your local hardware store more than once. However, this is a terrible habit to develop, not only for your pipes but also for learning to mitigate clogs on your own.

Instead of reaching for the drain cleaner, try to reduce your instance of clogged pipes by paying close attention to what you allow into your drains. Install mesh covers, if necessary, or purchase a drain snake to manually remove blockages at home. Rather than damage your plumbing with ongoing drain cleaner use, you can learn more appropriate habits that will prevent your drain from developing clogs in the first place.

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