August 7, 2019

A clogged drain can cause a lot of aggravation. Who wants to deal with an overflowing sink and all its related problems? You may think going the do-it-yourself approach is the best way to deal with the situation. Don’t give into DIY temptations, however. Leaving drain-cleaning work to pros may be a better and safer strategy.

The Drain Cleaners Might Fail

The manufacturers of drain cleaners will play up their ability to clear out even the worst drain clog. Whether the fluids can deliver results is another matter. Generally, with severe clogs, a bottle of store-bought drain cleaner won’t be enough. There are also more troubling reasons why drain cleaners are problematic, which will be discussed later.

For clogged sinks, a snake machine may be your only solution, so call a professional plumber. Beyer Plumbing in San Antonio serve the local community and provide top plumbing services.

Chemicals Can Damage Drainpipes

Drain-cleaning chemicals are acid-like in composition. The fluids burn away soap scum, hair and other materials found in the drain. The chemicals, however, could present a corrosion risk to the pipes themselves. A standard error people make involves pouring more and more drain cleaner down the pipes to disburse a clog. Unfortunately, they don’t realize the fluid may be burning holes in the metal of the piping. Holes in the drain system set a course for numerous future problems. The costs associated with fixing the damage could be enormous.

Chemicals Present Safety Hazards

The human body doesn’t react well with corrosive chemicals. Many mishaps may occur when pouring drain cleaners. An unexpected splash could cause burns or get in the eyes. Chemicals also give off fumes. You don’t want to experience respiratory problems from breathing those fumes, so leave the job to the professionals.

Call Beyer Plumbing to request a service call to check out your clogged sink. We can also help out with any of your AC needs.

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