November 20, 2020

As a homeowner, you will experience clogged drains at some point in your life. It’s mainly due to the accumulation of grease, hair, soap, and other debris in your pipes. When ignored, the blockages can cause worse problems in your entire plumbing system.

There are various ways to clear the blockages, but we will talk about hydro jetting in this piece. It’s the process of cleaning your pipes using a blast of pressurized water. Here are the benefits of using this procedure.

1. It’s Compatible With Most Drain Systems

The method is very versatile and works in all sewer systems of any size and materials. It thus provides a cleaning solution for homeowners, municipalities, and other property owners. The jetting technology can help clear any blockages, provided that the pipe is around 1.5 to 48 inches wide.

Further, the equipment comes in varying sizes for the plumber to easily match your needs. A high-pressure option of about 6000 to 7000 psi can smoothly go through metal pipes for fuller coverage. Hydro jetting also works well in clay, steel, PVC, cement sewer pipes, and other materials.

2. It Thoroughly Cleans Your Pipes

Pipes handle a lot of traffic throughout the year. They allow the passage of sand, food particles, grease, and soap, which often leaves behind a residue. If you fail to clean these elements correctly, it results in blockage. Luckily, hydro jetting is a comprehensive cleaning method that uses about 4000 psi to clean your pipes thoroughly.

It removes even the tiniest dust particles, clogs, residue, obstructions, and buildup. There isn’t any clog that can withstand the water pressure in hydro jetting. As a result, it completely opens up your pipes to have a reliable water supply.

3. It’s Cost-Effective

Chemical drain cleaners contain harmful toxins that can eat away your pipes and create holes with time. They also damage your sink enamel and bathtubs, resulting in additional costly repairs. With hydro jetting, the pressurized water clears off everything safely, without the risk of corrosion.

Additionally, older pipes are more prone to blisters, and further accumulation of debris will stress the system more. Besides eliminating the trapped waste, the pressure washer helps clear out the blisters, which restores the aging pipes and can save you on replacement cost.

4. You Will Enjoy Long-lasting Effects

In most cases, the DIY cleaning process may not help you clear severely clogged pipes. Hydro jetting can break loose such tough clogs and keep your lines free of debris. The intense water pressure makes it hard for grime to build up. Hence, you need to clean the pipes less often, and they remain clean for a more extended period. If you are stuck trying to combat pipes clogs with ineffective DIY solutions, it could be time to reach out to a professional to clear the debris using hydro jetting equipment.

5. It Clears Bacteria

If you notice a pungent smell from your bathroom or kitchen sink drains, it could be a sign of bacterial growth. Water that sits in a pipe for a few days can result in the growth of bacteria. While this is most likely to occur in P traps and drain lines and not in intake lines, the smell can be an unwelcome addition to homes. Hydro jetting can make your home smell better.

6. It’s A Flexible Method

You can use hydro jetting to reach those hard-to-access areas. You are likely to find it hard to navigate pipes, especially in older houses. When done improperly, trying to clear pipes can result in extensive repairs. However, the hydro jetting water hose enters the lines directly, so your plumber can flush dirt from the trickiest areas without damaging the pipes.

7. It’s Environmentally Safe

The hydro jetting process simply involves the use of a water blast. It doesn’t use any chemicals, making it a safer option for the environment and your pipes. The fumes produced while using chemical cleaners may irritate both animals and humans. Hydro jetting is an eco-friendly alternative for any building, even those near water sources. It’s an ideal solution that contributes significantly to a green lifestyle.

8. It’s a Preventative Solution

The hydro jetting process begins with a video inspection to determine the status of your pipes. The plumbers can detect any underlying problem and fix it before it gets worse. In some cases, they may also adjust the equipment pressure based on the risk to any weak or corroded sections of pipe.

Hydro jetting has proved to be an effective solution to prevent clogged plumbing, especially in commercial establishments. Restaurants with a risk of grease clogs, for example, use this technology regularly to keep their pipes clear. Due to tight schedules, you may have little time to clean the drains if you run these institutions. You can schedule annual or semi-annual hydro jetting services to interrupt the sludge accumulation that can clog your plumbing. Not only does hydro jetting solve the immediate blockage problem, but it also provides a long-lasting preventive solution to stop future clogging.

9. It’s More Sanitary

Fixing your plumbing system is rarely a clean job, irrespective of the method you choose. There is often a risk of coming into contact with the sewer materials. Hydro jetting is a more remote technology and doesn’t require a metal snake coming into contact with a clog, so the plumber has less risk of being exposed to waste material.

10. It’s Non-invasive

There is nothing as frustrating as going through a sewer-clearing process where the technicians dig up the lines. The buildup elements are very unpleasant, and the process can create more mess. Besides, it’s more time consuming and inconvenient, and it can damage your pipes further if not correctly handled.

One of the unique attributes of using hydro jetting is its ability to clear pipes without digging up your plumbing. The high-pressure tool can spin at various angles during cleaning. The plumber only requires access to an opening at the start of the affected section to snake the hose down the pipe and remove the clog. Further, no matter how rusted the lines are, you don’t have to worry about damage.

Your Plumbing Team

If you experience stubborn and recurring clogs, you may need a more intensive cleaning technology to solve the issue. Our hydro jetting equipment can restore your lines in a single visit. The nozzle penetrates deep into your systems downstream to eliminate waste, food, and other materials. The method is less likely to leave your system with any pitting or other imperfections.

Call us today to have a professional hydro jet your pipes. Beyer Plumbing Co. has trained technicians and experts to accommodate your plumbing needs. Our company offers residential and commercial services to Texans in Alamo Heights, San Antonio, Lake Hills, Bulverde, Boerne, and the surrounding areas.

Our team offers other services, including toilet repair, leak detection, pipe repair, and gas line repair and installation. We also offer kitchen and bath hookups, garbage disposal installation, and emergency plumbing services. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us at Beyer Plumbing.

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