January 17, 2024


As winter approaches, it is crucial for businesses to strengthen their infrastructure against the challenges that are brought to them by colder temperatures. One key area to focus on is the plumbing system, as inadequate preparation can result in significant disruptions and financial losses. This guide is designed to assist businesses in navigating the winterization of their commercial plumbing systems.


Insulating Exposed Pipes

Identifying and insulating exposed pipes in areas such as utility rooms, basements, and service corridors is essential within commercial buildings. Similar to considerations for residential settings, proper insulation helps maintain a consistent temperature, guarding against potential freezing and subsequent damage to the plumbing system.


Disconnecting and Draining Outdoor Faucets

Commercial properties often have outdoor faucets that need to be disconnected and drained before the onset of winter. The expansion of frozen water can cause damage to pipes, resulting in costly repairs and downtime. Taking preemptive measures as stated allows businesses to avoid these issues and ensures the smooth operation of their plumbing.


Sealing Leaks and Cracks

Identifying and sealing leaks and cracks in the exterior of commercial buildings is a critical step in winterizing the plumbing system. Businesses should thoroughly inspect doors, windows and foundation areas, addressing any gaps that could compromise the indoor environment. This prevents heat loss and helps maintain an optimal temperature for the plumbing infrastructure.


Properly Setting Thermostats

Maintaining a consistent indoor temperature is imperative, where fluctuations can impact the plumbing system and the comfort of employees and clients. Setting thermostats to a moderate temperature, even during non-operational hours, prevents freezing and ensures a conducive working environment.


Inspecting and Servicing Water Heating Systems

Properties often rely on more extensive and complex water heating systems. Regular inspection and servicing, including draining to remove sediment efficiently throughout the winter, are essential. Prompt detection and addressing of leaks or signs of corrosion help mitigate potential disruptions and extend the life of the water heating equipment.


Installing Pipe Heating Solutions

In frigid climates, properties may find it beneficial to install pipe heating cables or similar solutions. These measures offer additional protection against freezing, reducing the risk of plumbing system failures. Professional installation and adherence to manufacturer guidelines are vital for quality performance.


At Beyer Plumbing, we offer professional services to winterize your commercial property effectively. Our experienced technicians understand the unique needs of these spaces, and will create a tailored plan for a trouble-free winter season. Contact us today for preventative winterizing maintenance to address any potential issues in your property.

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