August 2, 2020

Tips for Cloudy Water

Sometimes, you may pour a glass of water from your faucet and notice that it is cloudy. This may be concerning if you’re used to getting delicious, clear H2O. There is good reason to be concerned because you want to make sure you are consuming healthy water in San Antonio, TX. At Beyer Plumbing, we help customers with their water quality concerns, and we can do the same for you. Here are some tips to help you deal with cloudy water.

What Causes Cloudy Water?

Before finding a solution to cloudy water, you should understand how the issue occurred in the first place. The most common cause of cloudy water is air bubbles. Several things can cause air bubbles. Cloudy water is generally non-toxic, especially if the cloudiness clears up after a few seconds.

Water pressure helps the liquid move through pipes to your home and into your faucets. The pressure of the travel sometimes causes those bubbles. Since the water has remnants of being pressurized, it needs a couple of seconds to get itself together while it sits in your glass. There is no pressure in the glass, so the state of the water is changing. When the bubbles find their way to the top of the glass, they dissipate, which allows the water to become clear like you expect it to be.

Cold temperatures can also cause the air bubbles that make your tap water seem cloudy. The solubility in the air causes the pressure of the water to increase. Scientifically, cold water tends to hold more air than hot water, so it is more likely to be affected by the bubbles caused by pressure. Once the solubility dissipates, the water becomes clear.

Pressurized water acts like a carbonated drink. In carbonated drinks, you can see the canonization form bubbles. Those bubbles are also caused by pressure. A carbonated drink from a restaurant is prepared on demand by a machine. This keeps it fresh. So, when it is handed to you, it was just prepared, which is why the bubbles are so active.

Additional Sources of Cloudy Water

Water in your home that comes from your faucet can also be cloudy because of:

  • The presence of hard water
  • High levels of iron
  • Methane gas

There are some things you can do before you resort to testing your water for high iron levels or methane gas since these two are a little more serious than hard water or bubbles.

You will know if your home receives hard water if the cloudiness never clears, for example. There will also be mineral deposits on water appliances. If you cannot see the mineral deposits on those appliances, you will see white spots on dishes even though you washed them. When you wash your clothes, they are more likely to fade or become discolored if hard water is present.

The presence of hard water also makes it more difficult to make a soap lather. So, if you find that you are using more dish soap, laundry detergent or shampoo, your home has a hard water supply, which can be fixed.

Should I Be Concerned About Cloudy Water?

Researchers at government agencies such as the U.S. Interior Department’s United States Geological Survey encourage the public to keep calm about cloudy water from their faucets. They note that it is harmless. If you prefer that your tap water is clear from the first pour, there are things you can do. In some cases, you are advised to call in the professionals just so that solutions are applied correctly the first time.

Can I Fix Cloudy Water?

Yes, you can fix cloudy water if you are receiving it from a municipal source. If you get water from a well, however, it might be trickier. There are a series of solutions that you can utilize. Essentially, they are balancing out the pressure and cleaning the water. If the first few solutions do not work, then you need to move on to the testing phase.

Solution: Water Softeners

Cloudy water that does not clear up is most likely a result of a hard water supply. To fix this, you are encouraged to utilize water softener solutions. The nice thing about water softeners is that they can be used on a municipal water supply and well-water supply. The water softener is also going to get rid of excess iron.

For hard water, professionals may also recommend installing a whole-home water filtration system. This system requires an upfront investment, but if your health and the health of your family is priceless, it is easier to make peace with the gradual return on investment. A whole-home water filtration system is also great for removing harmful toxins and contaminants from your home’s water supply. Professionals can address any questions or concerns you may have regarding this system.

Solution: Sediment Filter

A municipal provider of water does its best to clean up its supply before it makes it out to the homes of their customers. Things happen, though. A water supply can be affected by natural causes such as storms. If there is a company near the water supply that has an accident, a spill can get into the water supply. So, one solution to consider is a sediment filter.

Water that is only affected by pressure and air bubbles is going to become clear. If there are specks of sediment, however, those are never going to provide a clear glass of water. This filter is installed on the faucet. It clears up the cloudy issue. Plus, it traps any sediment that is left in the water. After installing a sediment filter, you may find that your tap water tastes better, too.

Solution: Get in Touch With the Source

If you still have concerns about the quality of your home’s water supply, get in touch with the source. You can also check in with your neighbors before contacting the local municipal office. If they are having the same issue, there is strength in numbers. When there are multiple cases, the municipal provider should care of the testing. Then, based on the findings, they will make adjustments.

Additionally, they will provide recommendations to the residents affected. Then, it is up to you to follow those guidelines.

For water-well sources, it does get tricky. There are far more ways that the water can be impacted. This is a situation where you and your neighbors may have to get together to come up with a solution. Professionals who have experience in this type of water source are going to be a great ally.

Solution: Getting Professional Assistance

If you’ve exhausted all your possibilities at home, reach out to an experienced plumbing team. To have a professional assess your home’s cloudy water, call Beyer Plumbing in San Antonio. You can also turn to our team for service related to emergency plumbing repairs, water quality systems and plumbing plans.

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