April 20, 2020

It is easy to assume that the water coming from your faucets is safe enough to use for everyday purposes. You think nothing of turning on the tap to get a drink of water or turning on the shower to wash your hair. It may not occur to you that the water coming from your San Antonio home’s plumbing can actually be damaging to your house, family, and finances.

However, hard water can be detrimental to not only your family’s comfort but also the longevity of your home’s appliances and your household budget. Instead of using hard water every day in your residence, you can begin enjoying the many benefits that come with installing and using a water softener today.

Softer Skin and Cleaner Hair

Hard water does not rinse away soap or shampoo from your skin and hair thoroughly. In fact, instead of completely rinsing your hair and skin, it actually leaves behind minerals that can make your body feel and look dull and dirty.

By installing a home water softener, you get soft water that completely rinses away soap and shampoo. It also does not leave behind minerals or residue that can make your hair feel dirty and heavy and your skin dry and coated with soap scum. You can enjoy feeling cleaner and fresher after your daily shower.

Using Less Soap and Shampoo

On that same note, a water softener also leads to you and your family members using less soap and shampoo to get clean. Soft water makes it easier to build up a lather to clean your skin and hair. You then have to use less to get completely clean.

This benefit can be especially helpful if you want to keep your household budget in check and avoid overspending on necessities like soap and shampoo. You will get more use out of each bottle of shampoo and bar of soap.

Cleaner and Longer-Lasting Clothes

Another benefit that comes with using a home water softener involves getting your family’s clothing and linens to last longer. Hard water leaves behind minerals in fabric that cause damages like holes and thinning. It also makes your clothing look dirty and dingy even after you have washed them. White clothing and linens, in particular, can take on a gray tinge.

To brighten your laundry and make it cleaner, you need to install and use a water softener. Soft water cleans fabrics more thoroughly and does not leave behind residue like hard water minerals. Instead, it rinses away laundry detergent as well as ground-in dirt, stains, and odors. Your laundry will look and smell better when you use soft water to wash it.

Further, because it does not take so much effort to clean your laundry, you get clothing and linens that last longer. They will avoid sustaining damages like rips and tears. Their fabric also lasts longer because it avoids wearing thin during the cleaning process.

Cleaner Household Fixtures

Soft water also leads to you getting cleaner household fixtures like glasses, silverware and pots and pans. When you use soft water to run in your dishwasher, you may not have to use additional liquids for spot and debris removal. You will end up with clean and spot-free dishes and cookware that otherwise would not be possible if you were to use hard water.

Furthermore, when you use soft water to clean your car, faucets, tiles, mirrors, and other belongings, you do not have to scrub as hard to get rid of residue and dirt. Soft water makes it easier to clean these items. It also rinses away faster and easier than hard water. You will put in less work to keep your personal belongings clean.

Longer-Lasting Appliances

Hard water can be especially tough on your home’s appliances. It is not as easy to process and flush out as soft water. It also leaves behind a thick residue full of scum and minerals that appliances find difficult to process and get rid of.

In turn, it can cause appliances that you rely on each day, such as your coffee maker, ice maker, and dishwasher, to work harder than necessary. This added exertion can soon lead to them breaking down and needing to be either repaired or replaced.

To spare your appliances from breaking down and having to work harder because of hard water, you can install and use a water softener in your home. The soft water will be gentler on your appliances’ functions. It also goes through the hoses, pipes, faucets, and other components easier and does not leave behind residue that is difficult to rinse away.

You can enjoy using your favorite appliances longer and getting better function out of them. You can also keep your budget in check by not having to replace them as often as you would if your house used hard water.

Lower Energy Costs

Because of the strain that hard water puts on your plumbing and appliances, it can lead to your household energy cost going up significantly. Your water heater, for example, has to work harder to put out more hot water when you want to take a shower, do the dishes, or wash your laundry. It must produce more water because of the mineral buildup in your home’s plumbing lines.

This increased effort makes the water heater use more energy and, in turn, raises your electric or gas bill. You could soon find that your utility bills are more than your budget can afford. To bring them back into a reasonable limit, you can install a water softener in your house.

The water softener can make your property more cost-efficient despite needing to use salt to soften the water. The cost of the salt that you use in the softener can be less than what you would pay for a water heater that must work harder because of hard water in your home.

Safe Sodium Levels

Some people who have high blood pressure or must abide by low sodium diets hesitate to use a water softener in their homes. They worry about the presence of sodium in their water.

However, the amount of sodium found in water used for cooking or drinking is negligible compared to that found in most foods that you buy at the grocery store. Studies show that sodium from soft water does not increase people’s cardiovascular risks. If anything, a water softener can add a natural and safe amount of sodium to your daily diet.

When you want to begin enjoying the many benefits associated with water softeners, reach out to Beyer Plumbing Co. in San Antonio today to get more information. Our technicians are ready to show you our full line of water softeners and help you to select the best one for your home and family. We can also assist with emergency plumbing situations, repair and replacement services, tankless water heaters, and more.

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