December 8, 2023


For decades, founder Perry Beyer Jr. played a pivotal role in shaping Beyer Plumbing, establishing it as a pillar of the San Antonio community and outshining other leading plumbing businesses. In 2019, a turning point emerged when Perry Jr. was diagnosed with cancer. Despite a valiant battle against the devastating disease, Perry Jr. unfortunately lost his battle with cancer in 2020, leaving behind not only a thriving business but also a bereaved family and circle of friends. The challenge now faced by the Beyer family was clear – the business had to endure; the question was how. With the combination of experience and exposure from growing up in the business, his children would soon step up to the plate.


Growing up in the business, James Beyer, son of Perry Jr., alongside his sister, Liz Beyer, were never pressured to take over. “Our parents never pushed anything onto us, they always planted seeds and let them grow over time,” states James. Over the years, James found himself increasingly drawn to the plumbing industry. He pursued and secured his registered plumbing apprenticeship at the age of 16, later delving into commercial construction after college. He began working in the architectural and design side of the industry, with his architectural career taking off soon after. It wasn’t too long after, that he realized that he was missing out on working with his father. James decided to do a complete 180 and quit his architectural career to come back and finish becoming a licensed plumber. He began to realize the value of contributing to the family business and how it could transform into a multi-generational legacy. Prompted by Perry’s untimely passing, James, supported by his sister Liz and guided by their faith, assumed leadership roles as President and Vice President, respectively. Cindy, Perry Beyer Jr.’s wife, gracefully stepped down from her role as Interim CEO.


Their journey has been far from easy, marked by numerous hardships along the way. The biggest obstacle, however, was the mental preparation for Perry’s inevitable passing. Liz reflects, “God always has a different plan. No one could see it at the time, but looking back, we can see His hand in everything.” The brother-sister duo is steadfast in their commitment to honoring their father’s legacy every day.


With the second generation now in office, the Beyer siblings have revived company traditions that had faded during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. These traditions include the PHCC Fishing Tournament, the Beyer Boys Family Picnic, annual employee Christmas Eve lunch, company Christmas party, Wednesday bible studies with office personnel, and so much more. They have also introduced something new into the mix — The Beyer Cares Foundation. Recognizing the financial strain a diagnosis like cancer can impose, this non-profit organization was established to alleviate out-of-pocket expenses and offer emotional support to families living with cancer, all while commemorating Perry Jr. To date, the foundation has raised over $130,000 to give to families in need.


Through the culmination of hard work, the Beyer Boys have overseen the establishment of a new headquarters on Beyer John Drive in Selma, TX, and witnessed remarkable growth in the process. Looking ahead, they are optimistic about the future, holding on to their founding principles and their “why.” By keeping their core values and the memory of Perry Jr. at the forefront of everything they do, James and Liz take pride in continuing the Beyer legacy. The future looks brighter than ever, with the family harboring aspirations to establish a second location in the near future.


Beyer Plumbing is honored to have served their customers for over 30 years. If you need residential or commercial plumbing services in San Antonio or surrounding areas, they invite you to give them a call.

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