May 5, 2021
Plumbing Maintenance Agreement in San Antonio, Texas

Plumbing is often an overlooked aspect during home maintenance, yet it’s one of the most intricate systems. Because of the constant water flow through your home and the system’s complexity, plumbing issues are inevitable. If you often forget about your plumbing system until a significant problem arises, it’s a good idea that you sign up for preventive maintenance.

The agreement involves an annual inspection of your entire plumbing system to keep it working at peak efficiency. The agreement also grants you discounts and other exclusive benefits, as outlined below.

1. It Prevents Costly Breakdown

Running water is a critical part of every family’s life. Any disruption can lead to inconveniences. When you sign up for the maintenance agreement, your plumber will periodically inspect the entire plumbing system to locate minor problems and fix them before they escalate into significant issues. This involves flushing the water heater tank, checking faucets, hose bibs, shut-off valves, the sump pump, the dishwasher, and the toilet tank to ensure that they are functioning properly.

You will avoid issues like frozen pipes, leaks, backed-up drains, or overflowing toilets. Once you leave such problems unattended, they can cause more issues that require extensive repairs or replacements. Keep in mind that maintenance is more affordable than repairs.

2. You Will Save Money

Most problems within your plumbing system are reflected in your water bills. Leaks can lead to water loss causing a spike in your bills. During regular maintenance, the technician will spot and fix leaks to minimize water waste. Most companies offer services to their maintenance agreement subscribers at a lower rate. Fewer repairs also translate to more savings. A service agreement subscriber won’t have to pay extra for the services with some companies, even during the weekends or off-hours.

3. Servicing Extends Your Equipment’s Lifespan

The plumbing system consists of a network of interconnected components. When neglected, some significant parts will begin to fail, calling for replacements sooner than expected. A maintenance plan for regular plumbing checkups will maximize the efficient operation and longevity of your plumbing fixtures.

4. The Plumbing Company Will Prioritize You

When you sign up for a plumbing maintenance agreement, you can quickly access professional help when needed. Most companies prioritize people with an active agreement to show appreciation for their loyalty. If you experience unexpected leaks, clogs, or any other plumbing issue and you call in a technician, you are more likely to get the same-day service irrespective of how busy the schedules seem.

5. You Will Get Automatic Call Reminders

When it’s almost time for your periodic maintenance, you will receive a call reminder to help you plan. This also gives you a chance to reschedule or make alternative arrangements if you are busy at the agreed-upon time. You can arrange with your plumber for maintenance to fit it into your schedule.

6. The Inspection Keeps Your Home Safe

Buying a home is one of the most rewarding and substantial investments that people make in life. If you fail to take care of your house, it will lead to costly repairs and even pose dangers to your family members. During inspections, the technician will check for water damages, gas leaks, and even fire hazards. This will ensure that your plumbing system operates safely to protect your loved ones from potentially dangerous situations.

7. You Will Enjoy Discounted Rates

Different companies offer varying discounts to their plumbing maintenance agreement subscribers. If anything goes wrong within your system, you will pay less compared to other one-time clients. You could receive discounts of 10% to 20% on replacements and repairs.

8. You Will Get Expert Advice for Free

During maintenance, you will develop a better relationship with your technician. With time, you will feel more comfortable asking them questions about your plumbing system. The technician will teach you various ways to clear blocked drains at home, unblock showerheads, stop an overflowing toilet, and inspect leaks. With time, you will understand your plumbing system better, and you can easily spot a problem and seek help early enough.

9. The Inspection Will Contribute to Increased Air Quality

Old and cracked pipes can lead to slow leaks in inconspicuous areas in the house. With time, the water accumulates in these spaces, and such conditions encourage mold and mildew growth. The mold spores will recirculate throughout the indoor air. If you have people with a compromised immune system, they begin to experience allergic reactions or asthma symptoms.

Continued exposure to these bio-contaminants can lead to other adverse health issues. When you sign up for the maintenance agreement plan, the plumber evaluates the entire system, and they can even spot leaks in hidden areas. Fixing such issues will help prevent mold problems, improve your indoor air quality, and create a healthier environment for your loved ones.

10. You Will Have Better Water Pressure

It’s very frustrating when you want to enjoy a hot shower after a busy day at work only to realize that the water pressure is too low. Issues like mineral build-ups in the pipes, clogs, and leaks can affect the water pressure. With regular maintenance, the technician can detect such problems and fix them before they become a significant crisis. This way, you will have enough water pressure for showering, cleaning, and other purposes.

11. You Will Have Peace of Mind

The service agreement plan gives you the confidence that no matter what problem you encounter with your plumbing system experienced technicians will address it in a timely manner. You will also receive quality services. The plumbing company is less likely to provide substandard services or inferior quality replacements since the repair, maintenance, and replacements costs are on them.

Are You Ready to Sign Up for a Plumbing Maintenance Agreement?

There are various maintenance tasks that you can perform on your plumbing system, like fixing minor leaks and clearing clogs. However, you should always have a professional plumber by your side to deal with complex tasks like frozen pipes, repairing the mainline, and issues with hot water. Unfortunately, most people wait until plumbing issues become catastrophic before they can call in a plumber. However, constant repairs and maintenance can add up, and the best way to keep the costs down while still enjoy professional services is by signing up for a plumbing maintenance plan.

Before you agree to the service agreements, take a close look at the terms. Know how often you can seek inspection services and what to expect during a state of emergency. Seek clarifications for any concerns before signing the agreement. Working with experienced and customer-oriented technicians, like those at Beyer Plumbing, will make a significant difference in the type of service, products, and level of satisfaction you will receive.

Whenever you are ready to sign up for a plumbing maintenance agreement, you can always reach out to Beyer Plumbing. Our company also deals with drain cleaning, toilet repairs, and shower and tub installation and service. We offer tankless water heaters, water softener systems, and emergency plumbing services across San Antonio, TX, and the nearby areas. Contact us today to enroll in our preventive plumbing maintenance plan.

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