July 9, 2021
New Home Plumbing Inspection in San Antonio, TX

Your plumbing brings in clean water and drains wastewater out of your home. When there is a malfunction, it can be frustrating to complete chores. A new home may have multiple plumbing issues that require urgent servicing. An inspection can unearth faults you were not aware existed. Here are some reasons for a thorough plumbing inspection before moving to a new home.

1. Check and Repair Faulty Pipes

As a first-time homeowner, one of the things you’ll often encounter is clogged or leaky pipes. Dripping fixtures may seem like a minor issue, but they can lead to wastage. Thousands of gallons of water are lost per year due to defective showers and faucets.

It is always advisable to address leakages as soon as you spot them. Not only will flooding cause an inconvenience, but it may also trigger rotting, mold, and mildew growth. A plumbing inspection can pinpoint minor leaks at their earliest stages.

During an inspection, certified plumbers will also assess the type of pipes you have in your home. Certain materials can introduce lead into the drinking water. The metal is highly toxic to children and can cause damage to the brain and central nervous systems.

Other piping materials like polybutylene and galvanized pipes are prone to failure due to corrosion. Polybutylene can break down after chlorine exposure, which is often present in treated water. Galvanized piping has a zinc coating to protect it from rust. But with time, it can deteriorate and may leak water.

While some of those materials are outdated, old homes may have piping that is vulnerable to failure. You may need to replace your pipes after an inspection. You can consult Beyer Plumbing for trusted plumbing inspections and solutions in San Antonio.

2. Test Water Quality in Your New Home

The only thing worse than the lack of water in your home is contaminated water. Even if you plan to take bottled water only, you don’t want to shower in discolored water. Often the discoloration is a sign of chronic plumbing problems.

Clean water is also essential for appliances like the washing machine and your water heating equipment. While minerals such as magnesium and calcium can be beneficial to human health, they can devastate your plumbing. It can also make your skin dry and skin brittle.

In San Antonio, water hardness levels are high enough to cause damage to the pipes. Mineralization can coat the heating element of your water heater, reducing its capacity to produce hot water.

Your plumbing may have high levels of sediments if you notice the following signs:

  • Water takes time to lather.
  • The water has an aftertaste.
  • You have low water pressure.
  • You find mineral stains on clothes and kitchen utensils.

If your water is hard, a water softener can produce quality water that does not damage your plumbing. You can consult Beyer Plumbing for water filtration and softening solutions tailored for your San Antonio home.

3. Assess the Septic Tank and Drain Field

Before buying a home, an inspection of the septic system and the drain field is essential. Septic tanks can hold the wastewater long enough to allow solids to settle. The oils and the grease float on the tank as scum, blocking oxygen and allowing for anaerobic processes. A clear liquid at the top drains to the nearby leach field.

Septic tanks can get rid of wastewater from buildings not accessible to the municipal sewer lines. However, they can develop issues that could damage your plumbing and parts of your property. The septic system needs routine maintenance, which includes pumping out the wastewater to maintain efficiency.

One common problem you may encounter in your new home is the wastewater backing up into your drains. Clogging is one of the culprits and is often due to flushing items like diapers and dental floss.

The drain field may also fail, releasing untreated water into the environment. Wastewater can cause pollution and contaminate underground water sources. Dampness and unusually green patches of grass on your lawn are some of the symptoms of a failing drain field.

The EPA recommends maintenance of your septic system at least every three years. But that depends on the number of people, solids, and water volume in your house, among other factors. A busy household will require periodic pumping to avoid recurring drainage clogs and backups.

4. Ensure the Toilet Is Working

A malfunctioning toilet is not just an annoyance; it can be embarrassing, especially when you have guests. As you plan to move to your new home, you ought to schedule an inspection to assess your toilet.

Fortunately, some of the problems are not complicated to fix. A phantom flush is where the water trickles into the bowl but does not fill it. The flow of water is cut on and off intermittently as water leaks into the tank. The most likely cause is a faulty flapper, worn out by years of use. A replacement should solve the problem.

Other parts of the toilet can also deteriorate, causing problems with flushing. If there is a hissing sound and the water is trickling into the bowl, it could be an issue with the valve assembly. A plumber can replace the entire mechanism and ensure the toilet is working efficiently.

5. Foundation Problems and Drain Lines

For comfort and safety, the drain lines must be effective at draining away wastewater from your home. When there is a malfunction, you may notice unpleasant odors and flooding on parts of your property.

Another reason your plumber will inspect the drain lines is to ensure there are no foundation problems. Sometimes when the pipes are leaking, it is a sign that your home’s foundation is shifting. The movement causes weaknesses in the piping and eventually water damage.

Unfortunately, many foundation problems resulting from water damage are not easy to spot. Some pipes are under the slab and may require digging out trenches to get to them. Beyer Plumbing has state-of-the-art tools to inspect and fix the plumbing issue in your San Antonio home.

6. Address Water Pressure Problems

If the water pressure is low in your new house, it can make completing chores much harder. Taking a shower or using a tank-less heater can be annoying. The low flow could be an indication of plumbing problems such as leaks on your fixtures.

Low pressure on multiple fixtures is a sign that the problem is most probably in your home. Your meter valve could be partially closed, which is why the water pressure is low. It could also be an issue with leaks, faulty fixtures, a defective valve, amongst other problems.

An inspection is the best way to pinpoint issues that may be plaguing your plumbing. Some plumbing problems are not that easy to detect until it is too late. A certified plumber can unearth some malfunctions you did not know existed.

If you need honest and dependable plumbers in San Antonio, you can talk to our team at Beyer Plumbing. Our plumbers can install and repair tankless water heaters, water softeners, and water quality systems. Our team has a reputation for providing exceptional services. We have a BBB A+ rating and a Super Service Award from Angie’s List. For your peace of mind, talk to our highly skilled and professional San Antonio plumbers today.

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