June 10, 2021
Plumbing Services in San Antonio, Texas

Plumbing problems can cause major issues in your home when they’re not found and repaired in time. While some plumbing problems might be easy to notice, such as an overflowing toilet, others can be much harder to spot. Hidden leaks in your walls, for example, are out of sight and can cause widespread damage before they’re found. It’s important to be aware of signs that you might have a problem with your home’s plumbing. Any of the following signs means it’s time to have San Antonio plumbers inspect your plumbing and make repairs as needed.

High Water Bills

Your water bills might fluctuate from time to time, depending on your water usage. For example, you might see an increase if you have out-of-town guests since your showers, toilets, sinks, washing machine and dishwasher might be used more than usual. However, an unexplained rise in your water bills is a warning sign of plumbing problems. These higher bills could indicate that you have a leak happening somewhere in your home that you’re not aware of. These leaks could be hidden in walls, leading to widespread moisture and water damage over time. You should have plumbing professionals check for leaks or other plumbing problems when your water bill suddenly goes up.

Low Water Pressure

Your water pressure should remain steady on a day-to-day basis. You might experience temporary drops in water pressure if utility crews are doing work near your home. However, your water pressure shouldn’t become low without any known cause. If you notice less water coming out of your shower, faucets or other plumbing fixtures all of a sudden, you’ll need to have plumbers determine the cause. Hidden leaks or clogged pipes could lead to low water pressure in your home. A plumbing expert can find out why your water pressure has suddenly dropped and handle the repairs needed to correct this problem.

Murky or Hard Water

When you turn your faucets on, the water coming out of them might look murky or cloudy rather than clear. You might also have signs of hard water, such as having white deposits build up on dishes. These plumbing problems can happen due to air bubbles in your water supply lines or high amounts of calcium and other minerals that cause hard water. Water filtration systems can help correct cloudy or murky water. You might also consider using water softeners if you have hard water in your home. Plumbers can recommend the right solution for these plumbing problems.

Slow Drains

A clogged drain in your home might easily be fixed with a plunger, such as if your tub or sink drain is clogged with hair. This can happen once in a while when debris fills these drains. However, having a drain that is still clogged after using a plunger or having several drains that are draining slowly means you should have a plumber inspect your plumbing as soon as possible. Slow drainage can occur due to severe clogs in your pipes that require professional plumbing equipment to remove. This plumbing problem can also happen if your home has sewer line issues. Without prompt repairs, these problems could result in serious issues, such as having sewage back up into your home through your drains.

Water Spots on Ceilings and Walls

Water spots and stains on your ceilings and walls offer an easy way to tell if you have a leak in your home. These unsightly spots and stains can form a brownish discoloration that can range in size from small to large depending on the size of the leak. Keep in mind that the source of a leak inside your walls or ceiling isn’t necessarily right where the spots or stains are forming. Water could be leaking farther away and spreading to that area. You’ll need to have a plumber inspect your home to find the source of the leak. Keep in mind that even small leaks inside walls and ceilings can cause costly damage, such as wood rot and mold growth, if they’re not fixed in time.

Noisy Pipes

When you run water in your home, you should hear it flowing through your pipes. Aside from these times, though, you shouldn’t hear sounds from your pipes. If the pipes in your home make noises, such as a rattling sound, this can happen for different reasons. You might have loose pipes that aren’t secured or water pressure that’s higher than usual. It’s important to find the cause of these noisy pipes to prevent leaks and water damage from occurring. Plumbing experts can identify the cause of rattling or noisy pipes and make repairs, such as securing loose pipes. When this is done, your pipes should stop being noisy when they’re not in use.

Bad Odors in Drains

You might have unpleasant odors in your drains from time to time if debris builds up inside them. For example, kitchen sink drains might have foul odors occasionally due to food debris. However, your bathroom and kitchen drains shouldn’t have bad odors that don’t disappear even after being cleaned. Having odors that stick around in your drains can mean there is a break in your home’s sewer line or a blockage somewhere in that line. When you keep smelling unpleasant odors from your drains, you should have plumbers check them to find the cause. Sewer line blockages and breaks should be repaired as soon as possible to lower the risk of having sewage enter your home, since this can be a serious health hazard.

Frequent Toilet Clogs

It’s common to have toilets clog once in a while, such as if there’s too much toilet paper used at once. Your toilets shouldn’t be clogging regularly, though. Having toilets clog up frequently can mean that you have a blockage in your sewer. If you have to use your plunger often or if your tub, sink and other fixtures are clogging up as well, you should have plumbing experts inspect your plumbing. These clogs can end up causing major water damage to your home, especially if they’re happening due to a sewer blockage. Having this problem fixed promptly helps prevent this from occurring.

What to Do About Plumbing Problems

If you suspect that your home has a plumbing problem, you should have professional plumbers in San Antonio handle it. Attempting to fix plumbing problems on your own can easily lead to much bigger problems, including severe water damage. Have plumbing experts come to your home to determine the cause of your plumbing problem and perform timely repairs. Keep in mind that the sooner you have plumbing problems fixed, the lower your risk is of ending up with major leaks or other serious problems that could damage your home.

Dependable Plumbing in the San Antonio Area

When you need plumbing repairs, please contact Beyer Plumbing. We provide reliable plumbing services, including prompt repairs, for homeowners in and around the San Antonio area. Our plumbing experts can quickly figure out what kind of plumbing problem you’re having and what is causing it before getting to work on fixing it. With our help and expertise, you can avoid major water damage caused by leaks and other plumbing problems in your San Antonio home.

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