July 17, 2019

Plumbing mishaps create all kinds of worries. Leaks, backups, flooding and more cause aggravation, inconvenience and the financial pain of restoration from water damage. Hiring the right plumber can put some of your woes out of your head. Randomly choosing a plumber without thinking things through isn’t a wise course, though. Instead, look for the following traits when choosing a competent and reputable plumber.

Experience and Certifications

A highly trained and certified plumber with many years of professional experience is able to deal with any standard plumbing job. When you doubt the plumber’s expertise and professional training, you must also question the quality of the work. Make sure you know that the person hired is capable of handling the job. The Beyer Boys at Beyer Plumbing can take care of all sorts of plumbing assignments, including leak detection, pipe repair and much more.

Good Customer Reviews

Writing a review or giving a rating requires only a few taps on a smartphone. You can reasonably expect that practically every local business has been reviewed by at least one customer. Plumbers are no exception. Check out these reviews and see how other customers rate a plumbing company. When the plumber receives glowing praise, it is sensible to expect excellent service.

Guarantees on Work Performed

What happens when a repaired leak starts leaking again a few days after the plumber leaves? If the result of the work is guaranteed, you can request a free follow-up. Of course, it is best to find out if a plumber guarantees all work before hiring anyone.

Special Skills or Expertise

Not every plumbing job is easy to address. Hidden leaks, for example, require expert skill to locate. A plumber with remote leak detection skills may be perfect for the job. Look over the plumber’s list of abilities and see if a specialty matches your needs.

Reasonable Pricing

Honest plumbers provide equally reasonable rates for work performed. Read over the estimate the plumber offers to make sure you receive fair pricing for all work. The estimate should be free and include no hidden costs.

The next time something goes wrong, turn to San Antonio’s premier plumbers, Beyer Plumbing. Call us today. The team at Beyer will do their best to assist you.

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