October 12, 2019

Basic plumbing work looks easy. Anyone who watches do-it-yourself plumbing videos follows along with the host’s careful instructions. Watching and rewatching the videos, however, doesn’t replace practical experience. Someone without a legitimate plumbing experience will find repair tasks more difficult and even potentially dangerous. Yes, plumbing comes with hazards best avoided.

Injuries and Infections

You don’t want to expose yourself to bacteria. Cutting yourself when performing plumbing work could lead to stitches and an infection. Lack of experience combined with not wearing the proper safety equipment might lead to a regrettable medical emergency. Sadly, people often don’t think of these situations until after the fact.

Blowtorch Disasters

Depending on the job, affixing a pipe could require the use of a blowtorch. Buying or renting a blowtorch doesn’t qualify anyone to use the tool. To say operating a blowtorch without skill and experience is dangerous would be a tremendous understatement. The risk of injury is high, not to mention the job won’t be done correctly when an inexperienced user is performing the repairs. Our team can handle jobs both minor and significant. Our plumbers handle everything from faucet repairs to installing tankless hot water systems.

Serious Burns

Hot water scalds. Suffering third-degree burns becomes possible if sprayed by steaming hot water. Working with hot water heaters or pipes carrying hot water presents risks for severe injuries. The inexperienced often overlook necessary safety steps due to a lack of familiarity. Leave anything dealing with hot water to the pros. In truth, the inexperienced homeowner should leave all plumbing jobs to the professionals.

Making Things Worse

Performing plumbing repairs poorly might not always lead to injuries, but they usually set a course for spending more money. Improperly fixing something could lead to extensive water damage and more repairs. Time and money end up wasted. Why go through such hassles unnecessarily?

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