October 20, 2020

Having running water in your San Antonio home is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Even better is having hot water instantly available throughout your home so that you can wash dishes and clothes and take relaxing showers and baths.

What happens, though, when that hot water isn’t so “instant”? Why does it sometimes take hot water a long time to reach the location where you need it? At Beyer Plumbing, we see this issue fairly often. We also see a variety of causes for this issue that we’d like to share with you.

Too Long Supply Runs

The most common cause of water that’s slow to become warm is simply a supply run that’s too long. If you’re not actively using the hot water, the water that’s in the hot water supply line becomes cold. Then, when you want to use the hot water again, you have to wait for the cold water to drain out before you can start using hot water. This happens with every plumbing system, no matter how short or long your supply line is.

If you want to overcome this problem, though, your best option is to use a small water heater located close to the location where you need hot water in your San Antonio, TX, home. These small water heaters from Beyer Plumbing typically hold about two gallons of water, which is more than enough to provide hot water at the source while the hot water from the main tank flows through the pipes.

Malfunctioning Water Heater

Another potential reason why your water may be slow to get hot is a malfunctioning water heater. If a water heater can’t properly produce or deliver hot water to where it’s needed, you could find yourself waiting a long time for the water to warm up.

There are many reasons that a water heater can experience a loss in heating capacity. The most likely problem is that either your burner or heating element are going out, depending on the type of water heater you have. If this problem occurs, it’s usually best to have a new one installed by Beyer Plumbing, as a bad heating element often indicates other problems with your water heater, as well.

Your water heater may also have a leak due to the rusting of the tank or a faulty drain valve. If the leak is large enough, it can cause hot water to drain out faster than your tank can heat up the cold water that comes in. You’ll experience this problem either as a delay in receiving hot water or as a lack of hot water that causes you to run out of hot water sooner than expected.

A Problem With the Gas Line

If you have a gas water heater, another problem you could face is a problem with the gas supply line. If the line gets blocked or develops a leak, there won’t be enough gas available to properly heat the water in your tank. Of course, if you have a leaking gas line, you’ll need to evacuate your home immediately in case the leaking gas is accidentally ignited. Once the gas leak is taken care of, it’s important to have someone from Beyer Plumbing inspect your entire water heating system to ensure it’s still operating properly.

Of course, the gas valve could also be the culprit of restricted gas supply. The gas valve on a water heater is what controls the flow of gas to the burner and allows you to control the temperature of the water. Given its multiple components, the gas valve can wear out and sometimes requires replacement by Beyer Plumbing.

A Problem With the Supply Line

Sometimes, it’s not the water heater that’s the problem but the supply line leading from the water heater to a specific fixture. If your water supply has a lot of dissolved minerals, these minerals may build up on the walls of the supply pipe. Over time, this can cause the water flow to be restricted, which will result in less hot water at the fixture.

One easy way to test if this is the problem is to see if all of your fixtures are suffering from a lack of hot water or if it’s just one or two fixtures in particular. If it’s just one or two fixtures that are having a problem, then it’s likely that you have an issue with your hot water supply line that will need to be investigated by Beyer Plumbing in San Antonio.

If your supply line was recently installed, then your problem may not have anything to do with mineral deposits. Instead, the supply line itself may be too small or too large. A supply line that’s the wrong size will either restrict the flow of water or reduce the amount of pressure to the point that too little hot water will make it to your fixtures. To help take care of this complicated problem, you’ll need the help of the trusted experts at Beyer Plumbing.

A Possible Solution: Hot Water Recirculation Pump

For instant hot water without the need for an extra water heater, a hot water recirculation pump provides the best option. There are two types of recirculation pumps, one of which uses a hot water line that goes all the way from the water heater to each individual fixture. The other type of pump uses two valves on either end of the hot water circuit to keep the water moving.

No matter which type of pump you choose, though, the goal is the same: to keep the hot water flowing in the line all the way from the water heater to the fixtures that use hot water. This prevents the water in the pipes from cooling down, meaning that you can enjoy instant hot water without the wasted water that occurs in a standard system.

We Can Help! We Know Water Heaters

The plumbing professionals of Beyer Plumbing have a lot of experience with water heaters of all types. That’s why you can be confident that when you’re having some type of problem with the hot water in your home, we can work quickly to make it right.

In addition to solving problems with a lack of hot water at the fixture end, we can also help you overcome supply problems on the other end by installing a tankless water heater that provides nearly limitless hot water.

If you’re having a problem with a toilet or drain, we can repair and replace these components, as well. We can also provide water softener and water filtration solutions to ensure you’re always drinking the highest-quality water. Plus, we can take care of commercial applications to help take care of your business’s plumbing needs.

With decades of combined experience, we know what it takes to make our customers happy. That’s why we can maintain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our Super Service Award from Angie’s List. Our commitment to teamwork, respect and integrity also continues to earn us five-star ratings from customers all across the San Antonio region. If you’re having problems with your home’s hot water supply, be sure to give us a call at Beyer Plumbing today.

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