July 20, 2020

Plumbing Services - Beyer Plumbing Co.Plumbing work is often harder than it appears. Don’t feel lulled by all the many do-it-yourself online channels that make things look easy. The work usually requires a careful hand, attention to detail, and experience. With experience comes a commitment to safety. Most people realize carpentry and electrical work both require you to follow smart guidelines for safe performance. They might not understand plumbing does, too.

Safety oversights during routine plumbing jobs can lead to disasters. Even “minor” errors in judgment can lead to severe injuries and more. Experience means a lot when handling a plumbing job. Those who work in the plumbing field know about specific dangers to avoid. Here’s a look at a few of the top ones.

Unclogging a Sewer Line

No one wants to deal with a slow flushing toilet or one that displays an apparent partial clog. Local retail and hardware stores might be home to scores of products claiming the ability to unclog sewer lines with no trouble. A few points are worth bringing up here. Anyone attempting to use quality products must know how to use them, or else they may prove inefficient. You also need to know where the chosen solution is the right one for the job. Inappropriate responses to sewer line clogs might not lead to any results. And yes, you need to know if the particular product or tool is legitimate. Using “junk” products could get you into trouble.

What could happen if you didn’t clear out the sewer line properly? The line may end up entirely clogged, which leads to a backup. Backups cause more than inconveniences and possible water damage. They could flood an interior with bacteria. Even a seemingly thorough cleaning might not be enough to get rid of all the bacteria. Exposure to bacteria and toxins can cause adverse health problems. So, consider it wise to avoid doing anything with a septic line when lacking the necessary training.

Using a Blowtorch or Welding Tools

Connecting sewer or other lines sometimes requires the use of a blowtorch. Only someone with a high level of professional training should go anywhere near a blowtorch. Improperly using a blowtorch could cause significant damage to the lines. And that could be the least of your problems. Inhaling toxic fumes or suffering severe burns becomes possible. Creating fire and burning down a house stands as another risk. Causing an explosion represents another.

Blowtorches are extremely dangerous. Only an expert should operate one.

Tinkering With the Hot Water Heater

Sometimes, even touching parts of the plumbing system can be a bad idea. Turning up the temperature on the hot water heater involves nothing more than turning a dial. What happens if you turn the dial too much? The hot water could reach scalding temperatures and do so quickly. Someone in the house could turn on the sink or the shower faucet and suffer third-degree burns. Even with seemingly “simple” things, the running theme here is never to touch anything unless you are sure how it works.

Beyer Plumbing assists residents in San Antonio with a great variety of plumbing work. Repair and replacement work, along with tankless water heater and restoration services, allow the company’s plumbers to meet various customer requests.

Overdoing It With Chemicals

Chemical drain cleaners aren’t difficult to find. They are sold in drugstores, supermarkets, home improvement retail chains, and more. Unfortunately, the constant presence and relatively low prices lull people into thinking they are entirely safe. Television commercials also lead people to think that pouring these chemicals down clogged sink drains is not problematic. Sadly, many people learn the hard way about how hazardous these chemicals are.

Drain cleaners give off fumes that can cause respiratory problems and other health issues when inhaled. Even using the suggested amount of drain cleaner comes with risks. Some might choose to continue to pour drain cleaners down the pipes if the initial amount didn’t deliver results. More fumes come up through the sink’s drain opening with more chemicals piling up on a clog that won’t break up. The health risks here are severe. People can die from inhaling all these fumes.

Attempting to Thaw Out a Frozen Pipe

Frozen pipes create a potential catastrophe. If the frozen water inside the pipes expands too much, the pipes may burst. The home’s interior would then suffer massive flooding. When the pipes freeze and don’t break, a homeowner may feel relief. However, the drawback would be the lack of running water, as water can’t run through solid ice. A plumber may be able to unfreeze the pipes. Homeowners might assume they can handle the task by using a torch.

Once again, blowtorches present enormous risks. Damage to the pipes, along with physical injury or worse, becomes possible when using a torch. Maybe allowing the pipes to thaw out naturally is the best plan. Ask a professional plumber for advice on what to do.

Gas Line-Related Fixes

Touching gas lines in the home would be a perilous plan. Damaging the lines could lead to the release of poisonous gas and might result in a massive explosion. Entire houses can be leveled in a gas line explosion.

Is it possible someone could confuse a gas line with a plumbing line? Anything is possible when inexperience comes into play. Play it safe. Leave plumbing and gas line jobs to professionals.

Replacing Appliance Hoses

Hoses connected to dishwashers and washing machines allow water to fill up the appliance and then carry the water out when it drains. Hoses can crack, become loose, or otherwise suffer from wear and tear. Attempts to replace the hoses seem like essential maintenance. They are, to a degree. If someone removing and reattaching the hoses errs, the parts could come loose and lead to a massive flood. Floods can do a lot more than water damage, although that could happen. Flooding water might reach electrical sockets.

While homeowners don’t think of small jobs as poses potential hazards, the dangers still exist. Take that as another reason why it is best to contact a professional plumbing company for service.

Annual Service Inspections

Eliminating any dangers associated with the plumbing system isn’t likely possible. Reducing problems, however, might be a workable solution. Cutting down on any maintenance issues with the plumbing likely helps the cause. Signing up for an annual service contract, one that provides yearly inspections and priority service, could assist homeowners with keeping the plumbing system in decent shape.

And don’t delay in getting any professional plumbing work done. The faster your plumbing system returns to the proper condition, the less chance there is for hazards to arise.

Beyer Plumbing offers many solutions for homeowners and business owners interested in repairs and maintenance. Beyer Plumbing also handles construction work, which may prove helpful to those in need of post-disaster services. Call the office right away to schedule a service visit.

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